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Competition Program

Qualifications and Finals in all five categories.

Qualifications (Youth): 1 Combined Exercise
(the difficulty is calculated as in FIG - Age Groups 11-16). – 2’00’’ maximum duration.

Qualifications (Age Groups 1 and 2 / Junior / Senior): 1 Balance Exercise + 1 Dynamic Exercise.

General Rules:

Pairs: choose 2 elements of the Balance Group from the table of difficulty 11-16, + 1 optional element from the FIG tables and 2 Dynamic elements from the table of difficulty 11-16, + 1 optional element from the FIG tables.

Groups: choose 1 pyramid from the table of difficulty 11-16, + 1 optional pyramid from the FIG tables (only 2 statics of 3" are necessary in the routine) and 2 Dynamic elements from the table of difficulty 11-16, + 1 optional element from the FIG tables; the optional pyramid maybe selected from one of the same categories used in the compulsory elements.

Individuals: 2 cat. 1 + 2 cat. 2 individual elements must be performed (it is not compulsory to perform a somersault).

Finals: The top six, eight or twelve of the qualifications, depending on the number of pairs / category groups (from 1 to 8 P/G - 6 finalists, from 9 to 16 P/G - 8 finalists; plus 16 P/G - 12 finalists).

Youth - Combined
(sum of the two combined exercises, qualification + Final, defines the winner).

Age Group 1, Age Groups - Balance or Dynamic according to FIG rules 11-16
(sum of the qualifications + finals).

Age Group 2, Junior and Senior - Combined
(Sum of the Balance + Dynamic + Combined, defines the winner).

Technical Standards

All of the following FIG rules, valid in 2017:

Code of Points (2013-2017)
AWAG Rules (latest version)
FIG Newsletters
Apparatus Norms - FIG Norms

Delegations Size

Each Delegation may include:

1 Director
1 Head of Delegation
5 Coaches
Pairs/Groups – Unlimited Number
1 Doctor
1 Physiotherapist
1 Judge

Note: It is compulsory that each Delegation has at least 1 Judge - 250 € will be charged if the delegation does not present any Judge

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